Collections and Filters


Collection resources provide access to information about a list of objects of the same type. For example, you can use a collection resource to access information about a list of users. Collection resources are paged and may be sorted and filtered (depending on availability) - and will always return an object of type list.


Some collections support the ability to filter the results. Filtering a collection resource is conducted via the filter query parameter using the following notation:



All filter values should be URL encoded: ?filter=URLEncode(*)

Accessing Properties

Properties are accessed using the following notation

Supported Conditions




Between two values - used for date range filtering.
?'2017-09-28','2018-01-30'). Values are inclusive.


Greater than


Greater than or equal to


Less than


Less than or equal to


Not equals (only currently for Institutions endpoint)
?'Test Bank')

Where available, you can apply multiple filters to a collection by separating them with a comma.


Multiple filters are treated as an and (&) operation example:


Note the examples above have not url encoded the filters. You will need to ensure that the filter values are url encoded before calling the resource.

GET /users/ea3a81/transactions?'2018-01-01','2018-02-26') HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN

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