The Expenses object returns an aggregated list of expenses by category of spend.

Living Expenses Classification Standard

Living Expenses are classified using Household Expense Classification (HEC) from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

Identify spend on utility bills, medical expenses, groceries and discretionary spend such as takeaways, gambling and clothing based on up to 13 months worth of data.

How these are summarised and/or calculated


Rounding of aggregated expenses

Aggregated expenses are rounded (to the nearest dollar) for each individual expense and then returned as the sum of the rounded figures for each month .

Summarised living expenses

These are also summarised at the most granular level.

Household Expenditure Classification (HEC) comes with four levels Division > Subdivisions > Groups > Classes

Average Monthly Expenses

This number monthly is calculated as follows: (Total Expenses/Report Coverage Days)*30.
This allows data with partial months to be calculated correctly.


Sandbox testing the Expenses endpoint (independently of Affordability)

You will need to create a user and create or refresh all connections before creating a new income resource. Use the Wentworth-Smith test credentials to create a connection for our test institution AU00000 before calling the Income endpoint. See our testing section for more information.