May '22

May '22 :fallen-leaf: :

:hatching-chick: What's new?

New data holders!


The addition of even more connectors means we have reached 100 Open Banking Data Holders available via the Basiq platform! Check it out on your Basiq dashboard - there are new connectors being added all the time. :clap:

:hammer: What's Improved?

Consent UI improvements

We are always striving for greatness, so of course there have been many updates to our Consent UI to improve the experience of both our partners, and their users. More flexibility in the Consent UI now exists through:

  • Support for multiple connections within a single consent flow
  • Support to be able to skip the confirmation screen on success of creating a connection

PLUS uplift in the Consent UI's responsive design to ensure a seamless experience across all devices. :iphone:

Enrich :moneybag:

Enrich has entered the world of CDR! We've added support for 3.0 tokens on the /enrich endpoint, as well as improvements to the efficiency & security to the Enrich service.