March '22

March '22 :sunny:

:star2: What's new?

Slick new API Docs




Introducing the fresh, new API docs that version 3.0 deserves:

  • Interactive code snippets
  • Examples in over 20 different languages!
  • Better in-context error documentation and examples

In order to enable partners to manage their users consent across both CDR and non CDR applications, they can now use the API to:

  • delete a users consent directly, or
  • retrieve the current, active consent for a user

New Open Banking Connectors

  • We've added 50 (yes, FIFTY) more institutions to the Open Banking ecosystem! Check out all of our available connectors for both DDC and Open Banking in your dashboard.

:hammer: What's Improved?

Consent UI

Our v3.0 Consent UI is always evolving, and this month has been no different! UI tweaks have been made to improve look, feel and performance, as well as adding action parameters allowing you to define the flow of your user's journey.


We also strengthened security :lock: by requiring the userId to be bound to the access token when launching the Consent UI.