April '22

April '22 :rabbit:

:hammer: What's Improved?

Consent UI

Once again, this month we've seen more improvements made to the Consent UI, making our partners lives easier. The Consent UI now handles decisioning to create a more logical flow for your users. The Consent UI now checks for any updates to the policy since their last login, and if needed, will direct them to accept the new consent policy before proceeding.

Take a look at the decision process below..



We :heart: Enrich! So we gave it some TLC.

Our team has been working for a few months on improving how we enrich our data. These changes have resulted in substantially more efficient, more reliable, and more accurate results. All you need to do is reap the benefits.

Connection time for OB connections

As we go down our CDR path we are always looking for ways to improve! This month, we found a way to drastically reduce the time it takes for Open Banking connections to complete. We know it was fast before, but why not make it faster?