August '22

August '22 :partly-sunny:

:fireworks: What's new?

We've launched our new Consent UI Config! :art:


Our Consent UI was the first step in providing Fintechs with an out of the box solution to manage the complex nature of capturing customers consent to access their financial data.

Now its even easier for teams to customise their consent policy fields and UI directly from Basiq's dashboard editor! Read our blog post on it here.

:hammer: What's Improved?

Handle alternate redirects with the new state parameter

Additional parameter state available when using our Consent UI, allowing partners to track state after redirect.

This enables partners to be able to launch the consent UI from more than one location in their app, and ensure their user resumes the journey in the same place. For example, the user may skip the bank connection step during their initial onboarding flow, but decide to connect from a separate settings page later on :zap: