Basiq API services

Basiq provides core API services enabling developers to build innovative financial solutions:


Access account and transaction data in real-time
Gain secure and ongoing access to customer-consented data from a wide range of financial institutions across banks, credit unions, super funds, payment providers and more. Our Connect UI also allows you to easily provide customers with a simple, informed and trustworthy data sharing experience.


Enhance transactions with merchant data
Accelerate new features based on powerful spending insights with real-time enrichment, detailed expense classification, accurate merchant location and the latest merchant information.


Gain deeper insights of your customer's finances
Get a better understanding of your customer's financials by identifying income sources, expenses, assets and liabilities

Action Initiation

Insight-driven automation [coming soon]
Automate workflows to enable personalised, autonomous finance offerings with event-driven data.


Base URL is → - you can use our sandbox environment for free right now - just grab an API key!


Enrich URL is → - contact us to have your API key activated to try out this API.


Affordability URL is → - you can use our sandbox environment for free - contact us to have your API key activated.