Go live checklist


Once you’ve integrated with the Basiq API using our sandbox environment, and you’re ready to be enabled for live data, there are a few things to tick off to ensure it all runs smoothly. Here is a checklist covering everything you need to make your application production-ready.

All of the best practice implementation details for the following requirements can be found here.


with the Basiq dashboard

✅    Invite team members to your account

✅    Setup Basiq applications to keep environments separate and manage API keys

✅    For further instructions, see this video tutorial.

The basics

✅    Cache your token, don't re-authenticate for every request. Token lasts 1 hr

✅    Use correct token scope eg. use CLIENT_ACCESS token for all client side requests.

✅    Handle jobs correctly, including happy and unhappy paths

Need data updated daily?

✅    Enable smart cache for daily fresh data

✅    Check user jobs daily and handle any failures

✅    Only manually refresh connections on an ad hoc basis

Built your own UI?

✅    Check correct login fields for each bank e.g. St George requires an additional security code.

✅    Never store users credentials, post directly to the Basiq API using CLIENT_ACCESS token


✅    Ensure error logging includes userId, connectionId, and jobId, for reporting issues

✅    Use /institutions to dynamically determine current stage and status of all connectors

✅    Subscribe to notifications from our status page for larger, ongoing outages

✅    Reach out to us anytime via the intercom chat bubble on our site, or at [email protected].



Download this checklist

If you would like a PDF of this checklist to hand off to your developers, you can get one here.