UI Integration Options

If you've just started making calls to the Basiq API, it is a good time to consider your UI integration options. If you haven't, check out our quickstart to get up and running.


Basiq provides a number of options to ensure your end user has a seamless experience when connecting their financial institutions to your application.

Basiq's simple UI: For your MVP

Embedding the BasiqConnect Bank Connector is the fastest way to get your application’s UI up and running. For this reason, most of our partners use this for their MVP, proof of concept, or hi fidelity prototypes, and will eventually build their own as their application matures.

Thisnpm package gives you a plug and play component to speed up the dev process and get you to market faster.

Build your own: For a native experience

This option is more often used when our customers are moving away from their minimum viable product/proof of concept, and looking to create a native UI component for their application.

Our step by step guide on how to use the /institutions endpoint will guide you to creating a native, seamless, and UX centric component for your application.