Connections act as conduits that retrieve account holders' data (i.e. accounts and transactions) from the institution and store it against the User object and are created whenever a user links their financial institution with your app. Connections can be deleted and recreated so it is recommended that apps access accounts via the User object rather than the connection.

After a connection is successfully established, you can fetch data created after this point by refreshing the connection. This process ensures on-demand data synchronisation between your system and Institution itself. Basiq recommends using the Smart Cache to ensure you always have access to the latest data.


Connections must be created and updated through the Basiq Consent UI for v3.0

v3.0 of the Basiq API requires partners to use the Basiq Consent UI within their application for end users to provide consent and connect their financial institutions (for both DDC and Open Banking connections). This also applies to updating a connection.

Attempts to create a connection directly via the API will not be successful.