There’s nothing worse than developing against an API with crappy test data. We get that! This is why we have put a lot of effort into ensuring that our test data mimics real production data that your app will consume.

The test data that we provide (below) has been designed to mimic a real life user. This means that just a like a real user would spend and receive funds throughout the day - our test accounts have been designed to do the same thing. Therefore you should expect to see new transaction records being created throughout the day, and the account balances adjusted accordingly.

The transaction data is completely random to best replicate the type of data that you should expect to see for your own customers.


Sandbox environment

You can use our sandbox environment for free right now - just grab an API key to get started (via the Developer Dashboard). We recommend using our test bank Hooli.

Note: There is a limit of 500 for sandbox connections. If you reach your limit and need to have this increased, feel free to reach out to [email protected].


🆕 Initial Testing and Billing Policy

For initial testing, BASIQ services are available at no cost. This free access allows you to extensively test our platform's capabilities using our sandbox environment. However, once you transition from testing to becoming a paying customer, charges will apply for any users on your platform. This billing policy ensures that you have the opportunity to fully explore and understand the value of BASIQ services before any financial commitment is required.

If you have questions about transitioning to a paying customer or about our billing structure, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Wentworth-SmithwhislterHappy path persona with steady income, mortgage, credit card and predictable expenses
WhistlerShowBoxPersona with income, missing expenses, BNPL activity and balance going up over time
laurieBreambusiness2024Happy path persona with business fields and business consumer consent.
GilfoylePiedPiperPersona with balances ranging between stable and diminishing over time
gavinBelsonhooli2016HooliGov Bank (AU00004)

Unhappy path test users


Unhappy path test users

The following users will always return the same errors at the same job step. We created them to ensure you could fully test the unhappy paths your user may encounter while connecting their accounts via DDC and handle them appropriately. See here on how to best handle these scenarios.



Failure scenario



Error: invalid-credentials
Detail: "Account is locked"



Error: account-not-accessible-requires-user-action
Detail: "An action is required from end-user before account details can be returned."



Error: service-unavailable
Detail: "Service is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

MFA users

We have two test banks to test MFA challenges

  • Pied Piper Bank: AU00002 (mfa-challenge always)
  • Nucleus Bank: AU00003 (mfa-challenge intermittent - 50/50)
jareddjangotoken["OTP Password"]["1234"]
richardtabsnotspacestoken["OTP Password"]["1234"]
gavinBelsonhooli2016security-questions["What's your first company?"]["Hooli"]
GilfoylePiedPipersecurity-questions["What's your first company?"]["Hooli"]
WhistlerShowBoxsecurity-questions["What's your favourite company?", "What's the ID of this institution?"]["Basiq", "AU00000"]
Wentworth-Smithwhisltersecurity-questions["What's your favourite company?", "What's the ID of this institution?"]["Basiq", "AU00000"]