Events mark changes or behaviour in entities and can be used to trigger actions in your application.

Entities and their events

Connectionconnection.createdwhen a connection is created
connection.updatedwhen a connection is updated
connection.deletedwhen a connection is deleted
Accountaccount.updatedWhen account is updated or a change is made to an existing account attributes.
Consentconsent.createdwhen a consent is created
consent.expiredwhen a consent is expired
consent.reminderwhen a consent has been active for 90 days since the last update
consent.revokedwhen a consent is revoked
consent.updatedwhen a consent is updated
consent.warningwhen a consent is about to expire
Payment-agreement-instructionpayment-agreement-instruction.failedwhen an agreement instruction is failed
payment-agreement-instruction.successfulwhen an agreement instruction is successful
Payment-agreementpayment-agreement.activewhen an agreement is active
payment-agreement.cancelledwhen an agreement is cancelled
payment-agreement.suspendedwhen an agreement is suspended
Payoutpayout.createdwhen a payout is created
payout.failedwhen a payout is failed a payout is in-progress
payout.successfulwhen a payout is successful
Payrequestpayrequest.createdwhen a payrequest is created
payrequest.failedwhen a payrequest is failed a payrequest is in-progress
payrequest.successfulwhen a payrequest is successful
Useruser.createdwhen an user is created
user.deletedwhen an user is deleted
user.updatedwhen an user is updated


Consent events

Any events around consent must be monitored if your application is using Open Banking data. For more information please read our documentation on data governance events.