What is Basiq?

Basiq is a Consumer Data Right accredited API platform that provides the building blocks of financial services.

Our APIs enable secure access to customer-consented financial data and tools to uncover valuable insights. Over 200 fintechs and banks rely on our platform to deliver innovative financial solutions across lending, payments, wealth, digital banking and more.


Basiq’s Products allow you to:

  • Connect: Access account and transaction data in real-time

  • Enrich: Enhance transactions with merchant data

  • Discover: Gain deeper insights of your customer's finances


Our partner ecosystem branches far and wide, but our most common use cases are:

Account aggregation: Access and aggregate all your customers financial data in one place to get a single view of customer finances. Use this to build or add PFM (Personal Financial Management) functionality and provide more tailored product offerings and recommendations.

Account verification: Instantly verify account ownership and balances in real time to improve the user experience and mitigate fraud and risk. Use this to automate responsible lending, reduce dishonour fees for payments and improve collections.

Data Enrichment: Gain greater insight into customer transactions with powerful overlay services across expense classification, merchant identification, income detection, expense analysis and behavioural spend analytics. Ongoing access to enriched data lets you build next-generation financial planning and wealth management solutions.

Check out how some of our customers are using us. Visit our Partner Showcase to see Basiq in the wild.


Basiq APIs are currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. We are working to make them available in other countries - so check back soon. Use this link to see a complete list of supported financial institutions.