A transaction object is created whenever money is debited or credited from an account.

Enriched transactions

This service enriches transaction data with multiple attributes, returning a transaction classification and three metadata components. The transaction classification will first determine if the transaction is of type payment, transfer, cash-withdrawal, bank-fee etc. The engine then derives merchant information, purchase location and prescribes an industry standard categorisation for each payment transaction.

The enrich object will only be populated for transactions of class payment, and needs to be enabled before partners can access it.


Pending Transactions

Pending transactions are temporary and can be filtered out via the transaction status attribute.

When a connection is refreshed pending transactions are deleted and reimported, so it is recommended, not to store pending transactions, or delete them prior to a connection refresh, as they often change in amount, date and description.

When a connection is deleted and recreated, pending transactions are deleted from existing transaction data prior to retrieval of the latest data
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