Access Methods


BASIQ offers partners a comprehensive suite of access methods designed to facilitate the aggregation of financial data. These methods empower partners to efficiently retrieve and utilise data from various sources, enabling them to develop innovative financial solutions tailored to their clients' needs

Web Connector:

The Web Connector, also known as "screen scraping", securely shares login credentials to access the bank's internet banking portal and extract a user's accounts and transactions. While effective, this method can be slow and susceptible to changes in the bank's portal, prompting banks to reinforce security measures.

API Versions:

BASIQ offers two versions of the API:

  • Version 2: Exclusively supports DDC (Digital Data Capture). Partners using this version can only access data through screen scraping.
  • Version 3: Accommodates both DDC and CDR (Consumer Data Right), enabling partners to seamlessly switch between methods. This enhances adaptability to evolving data access standards and regulations.

Open Banking:

The Open Banking access method enables partners to securely access bank account data through standardised APIs. BASIQ ensures compliance with Open Banking regulations, facilitating seamless access to account information, transaction history, and more directly from financial institutions. This method promotes compatibility and simplifies data aggregation across multiple banking platforms, empowering partners to offer comprehensive financial services.

Statements Upload:

Statement Integration provides partners with a user-friendly mechanism to aggregate data from financial statements. Partners can effortlessly upload statements in various formats, such as PDFs or CSV files, to the BASIQ platform. Our advanced parsing technology automatically extracts relevant data points from the statements, including transaction details, account balances, and metadata. This method offers partners unparalleled flexibility and convenience in handling diverse data sources, expediting the integration process and enabling rapid deployment of financial solutions.

For further assistance or integration support, please contact our developer team at [email protected].