Account Verification (IAV)

Instant Account Verification Starter Kit


Basiq's starter kits were created to accelerate time to production. We’ve done the full API integration and user flow, closely following all our best practices, so you can focus on their innovation. Focusing on both user- and developer- experience, the app is easily tailored to create a native user experience that aligns with any application's product and brand guidelines, and can be used standalone, incorporated into your own application, or simply as reference code for what "great" looks like.

Account Verification

Integrating with the Basiq API means account verification can become seamless, and more secure, as the data is coming direct from the bank. It also allows you to:

  • Reduce application abandonment through streamlined customer onboarding and a faster, more effective account verification process.
  • Instantly verify ID and accounts for deposits and withdrawals
  • Create authentic eye catching user experiences by surfacing and displaying things like bank balances within your solution
  • Cut out time-consuming, cumbersome merchant processes with real-time access to financial data.

The Account Verification Starter Kit is a template project that you can use to generate your own project and get to market - fast. All you need is your API key to spin up a fully functional account verification app. Check it out here.

Style and brand configuration



Brand colours and typeface

Our starter kits are configurable to fit all brand guidelines, mainly by updating the tailwind.config.js with your brands colours and typeface. Importing fonts can be done via styles.css


You'll also want to replace the following logos with your own, maintaining the naming convention:

  • public/product-logo-full.svg
  • public/product-logo-square.svg


All product specific copy is noted as PRODUCT_COPY - in order to highlight exactly what should be updated based on your applications intentions and value proposition.

Gold standard

Our starter kits maintain all of the Basiq best practices around areas such as:

  • Token management
  • Job handling - both happy and unhappy paths
  • Strong pre consent flow - Clearly defined value proposition and a focus on building trust
  • & more..

As well as being built on a modern tech stack using React, Next.js and Tailwind.

Check out our sample apps!

Real life examples of how the starter kits look and feel. Check them out here.


Sample apps will only work for test banks and sandbox accounts

We have disabled connecting to live banks for our sample apps. You can login to our test banks using all of the sandbox credentials (for both happy and unhappy path scenarios) found here. We recommend using Hooli bank for testing

Spinning up the starterKit under 5 mins

When developers start a new project, they often begin by using a starter kit or demo app as a foundation for their work. This starting point provides a pre-existing code base, which can be tailored to fit their specific needs. To use this code base, the developer needs to make a copy of it, either by downloading it from a repository or cloning it from a version control system.

Here's a demo of how to spin up the starterKit in under 5 mins.


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