Integration Overview

Welcome to the Basiq Dashboard Integration guide. Configuring your environment on our dashboard is a vital step for effectively leveraging Basiq services and protecting your customers data.

Getting Started

Begin by creating an account on the Basiq Dashboard, accessible at Basiq Dashboard. This initial step grants you the access needed to manage and utilize Basiq's services, marking the start of your journey with us.

Key Configuration Steps:

1. Application Setup: Create seperate applications for various development stages or specific use cases. This helps keep your data organized and your production data safe and isolated from your other development environments.

2. Permission Sets: Establish role-based permissions for your team members and API keys. This ensures everyone has the right level of access for their role and enhances the protection of sensitive data.

3. Consent UI Customisation: Tailor the Consent UI to match your application's branding and specify the services and data required by your application.

4. API Key Generation: For direct integration with Basiq's API services, this section provides a straightforward guide on how to set up and configure your API Keys effectively.