UX considerations

When it comes to building out your interface, the UX is an essential part of ensuring processes run smoothly and successfully.

User experience is one of the most important processes to get right when scaling and delivering financial services, especially when it comes to onboarding.

Poor onboarding experiences mean you and your team have to work harder to convert the same amount of customers. Marketing teams need to attract more visitors and Support teams spend time guiding confused users and troubleshooting issues that could have been self-resolved. To help you reduce churn and increase customer happiness, we’ve provided some quick tips.

Build trust to securely share data

When you build trust with your customers early you ensure a seamless flow whether they are linking one or many banks.

There are a variety of ways you can build trust with your customer base when they are sharing data, such as:

  • a good, clear exchange, and
  • well planned UX through the whole journey.

We often hear from our partners that not having the right value exchange is the biggest blocker in customers sharing their data. In terms of the incentive for the end customer, it is all about getting the best outcome faster, so it helps for them to understand that sharing their data this way allows that.

Our article here covers everything you or your users might need to know about how we handle data safely.

Pre consent

Pre consent is the step in the flow before a user is directed to the Basiq Consent UI to give consent and connect their financial institutions and is handled entirely by the partner application. The focus should be on presenting a compelling value exchange and addressing any concerns about security.

Your consent policy

What you define in your consent policy will determine the information presented to your user in the Basiq Consent UI. This should be constructed to be clear and informative - why are you requesting this data and what are you intending to use it for.