Consent Parameters

State Parameter


The state parameter is a versatile tool provided by Basiq to enhance the flexibility and user experience of the frontend flow. When launching the Basiq Consent UI, partners can pass a unique state value which will be returned to the partner's application when the user is redirected back after completing their interaction with the Consent UI. This allows the partner to maintain state across the user's journey and manage navigation or context upon return.

URL Structure${token}&action=${action}&state={yourState}

Parameter: state

Usage: This parameter can be used to encode the user's return point or any other contextual data needed after the consent flow. Ensure the state is URL encoded if it contains special characters or spaces.

Institution Parameters


When partners know in advance which financial institution the user intends to connect with, they can streamline the process by specifying an institutionId. This bypasses the need for users to select their institution from a list, making the process quicker and more user-friendly.

URL Structure${token}&action=${action}&state={yourState}&institutionId={institutionId}

Parameter: institutionId

Usage: Useful for predefined user journeys where the institution is already known. This parameter can be used in various consent flows such as creating consent, connecting institutions, or updating consent.

ConnectionId Parameter


The connectionId parameter is important for managing existing banking connections, particularly for reauthorisation and updating credentials in Web connections and Open Banking connections.

URL Structure${token}&connectionId=${connectionId}

Parameter: connectionId

For Web Connections

Existing Behavior: It is used primarily for initiating a credential update flow through the Consent UI.

Usage: When a partner passes a connectionId using web source, the Consent UI triggers a workflow to update credentials.

For Open Banking Connections

New Behavior: The connectionId parameter now also supports OB connections.

Reauthorisation Support: For OB connections, if a partner includes a connectionId in the URL, it'll kick-start the reauthorisation process. This includes handling via API calls or by using the action=reauthorise

Account Selection: This parameter is particularly useful when a user is already connected with the Data Holder and wants to re-elect the account(s) that are sharing data.

JobIds Parameter


The jobIds parameter allows tracking multiple connection attempts within the same user session, especially useful when the 'Allow multiple connections' feature is enabled.

Example Redirect URL,456,789

Parameter: jobIds

Usage: Retrieve all job IDs from connection attempts to monitor progress and manage multiple connections more effectively.