References & descriptions

There are some requirements that need to be met in order to ensure any references or descriptions are valid and to avoid any issues with processing.

Remitter name

As part of being set up within Basiq, you will be asked to provide a Remitter Name. We recommend you provide the equivalent of a trading name that is familiar with your customers as this name may appear on your customers' bank statement transactions depending on the recipient bank and what they display

Description field

Batch method type payments

The description field of all batch method type payments will be prefixed with a reference which will take up 9 characters followed by the first 9 characters of the description you provide when make the payment instruction.

Example: If you supply 1234567890abcdefgh then the payment description will be: DT.yt9tc 123456789 where DT.yt9tc is a reference generated by our systems is a dynamically generated for each payment.

The description field for a Collect (payrequest) and in Send (payout) must satisfy the following requirements:

  • No more than 18 characters in length
  • Only the first 9 characters will be visible to the payer/payee
  • May only include the following character set:
    • Letters: A-Z, a-z
    • Numbers: 0-9
  • May only include the following special characters:
    • spaces ( ) ,
    • ampersands (&),
    • apostrophes (‘),
    • commas (,) ,
    • hyphens (-),
    • full stops (.),
    • forward slashes (/),
    • plus sign (+),
    • dollar sign ($),
    • exclamation mark (!),
    • percentage sign (%),
    • left parenthesis ((),
    • right parenthesis ()),
    • asterisk (*),
    • number sign (#),
    • equal sign (=),
    • colon (:),
    • question mark (?),
    • left square bracket ([),
    • right square bracket (]),
    • underscore (_),
    • circumflex (^), and
    • at symbol (@)

If the description field does not meet these requirements, the following modifications will be made:

  • More than 18 characters: will be trimmed to take only the first 18 characters
  • Characters other than the allowed character set (above): will be replaced with spaces


Malformed description

Modified description





Fast method type payments

In the case of a fast payment the description field will allow 280 characters to be submitted as part of the payment instruction. Our payment system will generate a dynamic 9 character reference and insert it in the beginning of the description and then have your reference appear afterwards. If you supply more than 271 characters than any characters after index 271 will be trimmed.